Adelene Pless
2 year old teacher
Mrs. Pless has taught in the public school system for over thirty years and served eight years in administration. She has been a Bible class teacher for numerous years to all ages of children. She lives in Hockley, Texas with her husband Bubba of whom she has been married to for 43 years. Mrs. Pless enjoys being with her kids/grand kids, reading, sewing, quilting, and crocheting.
Kc Fletcher
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Fletcher has taught in the public school system for years. After teaching kindergarten for the past several years, she has decided to teach pre-k at JAM in order to stay home part-time with her children. Mrs. Fletcher has been married to her husband for almost nine years and they share two precious kiddos! She loves to go to the park with her children, watch her son play sports, read, and drink coffee!!! She is certified through TEA Early Childhood - 4th grade.
Trish McDonald
3 year old teacher
Mrs. McDonald has helped teach numerous Bible classes, assisted with youth group activities, and worked in the nursery. She is a proud grandmother and loves kids. She resides in Tomball with her husband. Mrs. McDonald retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigations in 2016, and is now excited to spend her time teaching the three year old class at JAM about Jesus & academics.
Dionne Moore
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Moore has taught elementary all around the country- including Guam! She is certified in Early Childhood Education from Texas A&M University, and has decided to teach Pre-K at JAM. She has been married for twelve years and has two handsome little boys. Mrs. Moore enjoys crafting, shopping, and going to the beach.
Sarah Kinsey
15-23 months teacher
Mrs. Kinsey loves kids and is so excited to teach the one year old class at JAM. She has been married to her husband for four years and they have a precious little boy. She has a bachelors and masters in accounting from ACU! She enjoys board games, drinking coffee, and playing with her two dogs!! 

Brenda Young
3 year old Teacher
Mrs. Young has taught Bible class for over fifteen years as well as a two year olds program at a local Mother’s Day Out.. She lives in Tomball, where she is retired from being an office manager. She has several grandchildren which she enjoys watching and loves to read.

Tamarah Fassino
15 month - 23 month
Mrs. Fassino has been a MDO teacher for the last four years. She has taught numerous Bible classes and has two children of her own. She received her BS in Accounting and Master’s Degree in Accounting & Information Mgmt . She is celebrating fifteen years of marriage this year to her husband Nick! She enjoys reading, teaching Jazzercise, and watching Hallmark movies.